Who We Are

The Utah Education Policy Center (UEPC) is a leader in providing valid and reliable research and evidence-based support to improve education policies and practices in Utah.

We are dedicated to increasing educational equity, access, and opportunities for all children and adults in Utah, particularly for those who have been historically marginalized.  To do this, we:

  • Engage in timely and rigorous education research and evaluation,
  • Provide reliable answers to questions about the success of current educational practices and programs,
  • Guide policymakers, decision-makers, and practitioners on the utilization of research findings to improve policies and practices, and
  • Collaborate with practitioners to improve educational practices through planning, coaching, and outcome-focused processes.

Our Vision

Bridge research, policy, and practice

UEPC Mission

To increase equity, excellence, access, and opportunities in K12 and higher education through research, evaluation, and technical support


U of U Affiliation

The Utah Education Policy Center was founded in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy in 1990. Since 2007, the Utah Education Policy Center has operated as an independent research center administered through the College of Education within the University of Utah.

This distinctive relationship puts us in a position to focus on current issues in education while also engaging University faculty from various disciplines to contribute their expertise and research. We appreciate the collaborations and contributions of our superb faculty research associates!

Utah Education Policy Center
1721 Campus Center Dr.
Suite 1262
Salt Lake City, UT 84112

General Questions: 801-585-5594

Survey Questions: 801-585-7787

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