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Utah Education Policy Center Mission

The Utah Education Policy Center (UEPC) is an independent, non-partisan University of Utah research center in the College of Education that bridges research, policy, and practice for Utah public schools and higher education. The UEPC seeks to inform and influence educational policy in Utah and the region to increase educational equity, excellence, access, and opportunities for all children and adults in Utah. The Utah Education Policy Center:

  • Engages in timely and rigorous educational research and evaluation,
  • Provides reliable answers to questions about the success of current educational practices and programs,
  • Guides policymakers, decision-makers, and practitioners on the utilization of research findings to improve policies and practices, and
  • Collaborates with practitioners to improve educational practices through planning, coaching, and outcome-focused processes.

The Utah Education Policy Center (UEPC) is a founding partner in the Utah Data Alliance, Utah’s state longitudinal data system. Five other partners include the Utah State Office of Education (public education), Utah System of Higher Education, Utah College of Applied Technology, Utah Education Network, and the Department of Workforce Services. UEPC serves as the research coordinator for the Utah Data Alliance. UEPC coordinates access for individuals and organizations interested in collaborating with the Utah Data Alliance, or researchers interested in accessing data for research purposes. Dashboards, research reports, aggregated data and more information about the Utah Data Alliance is available online.


 UEPC Speaker Series

Dr. Lynne PerezDr. Lynne G. Perez
April 1, 2016
2:30 - 3:30pm
Breakout sessions
3:45 - 4:45
"Teaching Practices from America's Best Urban Schools"

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Patrick Briggs

Patrick Briggs
In case you missed it, we think you will enjoy this video recording of our UEPC Keynote Speaker, Patrick Briggs, from January 15th, 2016. Briggs is the Texas State AVID Director who gave a high energy presentation in which he encouraged us to examine our mindsets and practices when considering if “all means all” including the importance of closing the "Opportunity Gap." Let us know if you have a chance to watch it—we’d love to hear your feedback! Click below to watch his presentation
Patrick Briggs Video