UDA Mission

As a collaborative, multi-organizational partnership, the Utah Data Alliance seeks to enhance the quality of educational research and analysis in Utah regarding policies, practices, and programs by utilizing an integrated and confidential statewide longitudinal data system.  The Utah Data Alliance provides policy and decision makers research findings with the goal of improving education and workforce policy and practice.

The Utah Data Alliance is a multi-agency collaborative partnership organized to:
  • Develop and maintain Utah’s only comprehensive statewide longitudinal data system (SLDS) to enable examination of educational progress and outcomes over time from preschool and K12 through postsecondary education and into the workforce;
  • Coordinate and conduct research and analyses to answer questions about the success of policies, programs, services at all levels of education, and career employment preparation;
  • Fulfill Utah’s goal of continuous improvement by providing information about the effectiveness, efficiency, and quality of education and career-related programs and services; and
  • Maintain a de-identified and secure database to protect the privacy of data.


Sample research briefs created from UDA data:




































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Jeremy D. Franklin, Ph.D.
Interim Research Coordinator
University of Utah, Utah Education Policy Center
1721 Campus Center Drive, Rm. 1220
Salt Lake City, UT 84112

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