Community School

Ogden United Promise Neighborhood (OUPN)

The UEPC provided evaluation consultation and data analysis for the Ogden United Promise Neighborhood (OUPN) project.

  • Funded in part by a U.S. Department of Education planning grant, OUPN aims to improve cradle-to-career outcomes for an economically disadvantaged neighborhood in Ogden, Utah.
  • Specifically , the UEPC provided the following support:
    • Feedback on the design and collection of needs assessment data.
    • Input on the plans for developing longitudinal data collection and management systems.
    • Consultation with OUPN partners regarding data collection and analysis plans.
    • Segmentation analysis, including data requests, coordination, and report preparation.

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Community Learning Centers (CLC)

The UEPC conducted a capacity building evaluation to support the Salt Lake City School District’s (SLCSD) development of several Community Learning Centers (CLCs).

  • Used original survey data, school data, and student achievement data to document the program implementation and outcomes at 4 CLC sites.
  • Assessed the alignment, coordination, and capacity of the schools and the district to support and sustain the CLC initiative.
  • Determined the availability and usefulness of current data sources for future monitoring and evaluation of CLC efforts.

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