WestEd West Comprehensive Center Evaluation

The UEPC serves as the external evaluator for the West Comprehensive Center technical assistance efforts to the state offices of education in Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. The purpose of the evaluation is to document how the West CC builds the states’ capacity over time. The evaluation reports about the West...

Intergenerational Poverty Interventions Afterschool Program

In partnership with the Utah State Board of Education and the Department of Workforce Services, the UEPC conducted an external evaluation of the Intergenerational Poverty Interventions (IGPI) in Public Schools grant program. Created by Senate Bill 43, the IGPI in public schools grant program appropriated $1,000,000 for programming. The...

IGPI Evaluation Report 2017-218IGP Longitudinal ReportIGP Report Public 2016-17Teen Afterschool Prevention Grant Program Evaluation 2016-2017STEMLink Afterschool Grant Program Evaluation 2016-2017IGPI 2015-16 Year 2 Evaluation Report Final GranteesIGPI Evaluation At A GlanceIntergenerational Poverty Interventions Eval 2014-15IGPI Fast Facts

Utah Education Policy History (1997- 2015)

This policy history report summarizes the policies and programs established by the Utah Sate Board of Education between in a 15 year period (1997-2015). The report summarizes and reports bills in ten categories: Assessment and Accountability, Charter Schools, Curriculum, Educators, Funding Policies, Governance, New Programs, Pilot Programs, Parental Role, and Technology.

UEPC Policy History

Informed Decisions: Utah Educators Election Brief

The Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute convened focus groups to identify important issues in the 2016 election. Educators was identified as an important topic. The brief provides an analysis of the issues associated with educators in Utah. The brief was co-published in partnership with the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute....

Educators Brief

Postsecondary Enrollment Dashboard

Postsecondary Enrollment, Utah High School Graduating Class of 2008-2012 Students who graduated from a Utah public high school from 2008-2012 and enrolled in a postsecondary institution within 12 months of their high school graduation. For more information visit udrc.utah.gov  

Research Brief: Chronic Absenteeism (2012)

This research brief focuses Chronic Absenteeism in Utah public schools. It reports: The students who are most likely to be chronically absent A demographic profile of chronically absent students Patterns in chronic absenteeism over time Relationships between chronic absenteeism and lower standardized test scores Relationships between chronic absenteeism and dropping...

Chronic Absenteeism Research Brief