Leadership Inquiry for Turnaround

What is LIFT?

The Leadership and Inquiry for Turnaround (LIFT) is a comprehensive professional learning experience for leaders of schools who are on their way to transforming Utah’s lowest performing schools into places where all students succeed and excel. Designed and offered by the Utah Education Policy Center (UEPC) in collaboration with the Region 15 Comprehensive Assistance Center (formerly West Comprehensive Center) and the previous WestEd Center on School Turnaround. The LIFT program is aligned with the Utah’s leadership standards and based on research on leadership for impact, systems theory, professional learning effectiveness, improvement science, and professional communities of practice.

Who is involved?

LIFT is a leadership support and development component of the Utah Legislature's SB 235 (sponsored by Senator Niederhauser).  As described in statute, this School Leadership Development Program aims to increase the number of highly effective school leaders capable of initiating, achieving, and sustaining school improvement efforts. The 2016-2021 LIFT cohort aims to support a cadre of leadership experts across the state who work in schools identified for turnaround.

If you are interested in engaging your leaders in this impactful professional learning opportunity, please contact us.

LIFT Materials