Bridgeworks: Systems of Support for Improvement & Change


Systems of Support for Improvement and Change


The Utah Educational Policy Center (UEPC) offers comprehensive services to support a systems approach to school and district improvement with the goal of creating equitable and excellent schools. The UEPC strategies are research-based and designed to maximize professional learning for educators and leaders that result in sustainable and scalable improvement to increase both adult and student learning, access and opportunity, and capacity of our clients.

Our customized and collaborative services include the following areas:

  • Building Capacity for School and District Improvement – Leading organizational change
  • Developing Systems to Support Instructional Coherence – PLCs, instructional coaching, administrative feedback, whole-school professional learning
  • Developing and Implementing High-Impact Professional Learning Designs – Standards-based instructional planning, formative assessment and feedback cycles, collaborative design of Tier 1 instruction for student mastery
  • Fostering Positive School Cultures and Climates – Assessing climate, using strategies and practices to improve climate and culture, selecting and monitoring interventions for academic and behavioral MTSS and PBIS practices
  • Establishing Meaningful Family and Community Engagement Practices – Building strong partnerships with families, developing community partnerships to support student success, afterschool and community school programs
  • Research and Evaluation of Improvement Efforts - Survey design, administration, and reporting; interviews, focus groups, and observations; program planning and implementation; statistical analysis, school appraisals

The UEPC has a long history of supporting local schools and districts through research and technical assistance. Collectively, our team has professional experiences in:

  • Teaching and school leadership
  • Regional educational development laboratories
  • State and federal educational agencies as directors, policy analysts, and evaluators
  • Research and professional development with schools and school districts

Our broad areas of expertise include:

  • School Reform
  • Organizational Change
  • Leadership Development
  • Classroom Instruction
  • Mathematics Education
  • Professional Learning

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